In his recent book, The World Could be Otherwise, Zen teacher Norman Fischer writes:

You can give the gift of happiness to others by being happy in a generous and inclusive way. This seems odd - how can my being happy be a gift to someone else? But it can be. If I experience my happiness in a light and outgoing way - if I don't think of it as *my happiness, *my* good fortune - then others can feel happy with me.

We explored this idea with a practice called VOICE (Voice Of Innate Clarity Exercise) after sitting and walking meditation. Specifically, we used these voices:

  • Grasping (Clinging, Holding, Gripping) - Where do you, as Grasping, show up in the body? What do you feel like? What do you grasp? What are you grasping right now?
  • Fear (small "f") - What do you fear? To avoid that, what do you tell Grasping to hold onto?
  • Generosity (Giving) - Where do you, as Generosity, show up in the body? What do you feel like? What is it like to be you? Do you have limits?
  • Fearlessness - Why are you fearless? Does it mean you believe nothing bad will happen? How do you include Grasping, Fear, and Generosity? Do any of them pose a problem to you? Why are you able to give the gift of happiness to others?

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