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When We Talk About Waking Up

When we talk about waking up, what do we mean by that? Join senior teacher Debbie McCubbin and Ken Dow online to explore this fascinating area of meditation and mindfulness. Learn what awakening might look like to you and find ways to become more awake, in the moment and over time.

Week 1

  • What do you think of when you hear the word "awake"?
  • Stories and poems about awakening
  • Waking up for a moment
  • Catching a glimpse and moving toward greater awakening
  • When have you felt or noticed awakeness?

Week 2

  • How can one person be, well, not very nice despite weeks of retreat while someone who does very little be more awake?
  • Willingness and motivation: What are they? How do we engage them?
  • Barriers and attachments that keep us asleep
  • Working with embarrassment, uncertainty, resistance to what is, discomfort, suffering, and more
  • Awakening as Love, Awakening as Stillness – are they the same or different?

Week 3

  • Accessing your awakened nature with VOICE (Voice Of Innate Clarity Exercise)
  • Turning toward what is always and already here
  • Suggested readings and practices to take home
  • Wrap up

Three Monday evenings (1.5 hours each)

Begins May 4th at 7:00 pm


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