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The Three Marks: A VOICE Workshop

This three-evening online workshop uses VOICE (Voice Of Innate Clarity Exercise) to explore Buddhism’s three point take on reality.

Sylvia Boorstein observed that "we suffer not because there’s anything inherently wrong with us but simply because we misunderstand the nature of reality".

In Buddhism there are three short statements, known as the Three Marks of Existence. They are:

  • Impermanence: Everything changes, nothing lasts forever
  • Non-Self: There is no separate self - we're the result of multiple causes and conditions
  • Suffering: The more we struggle to maintain a sense of solid self, the more stress and fear we experience

What does this mean and how should we respond? Through this unique practice, we'll go straight to the heart of the matter by letting Impermanence, Suffering, and Non-Self speak. Looking forward to it!

VOICE is based on the Big Mind work of Zen teacher Dennis Genpo Merzel, which blends Zen practice with a Jungian therapy developed by Hal and Sidra Stone. The evenings will be facilitated by Ken Dow, who trained as a Big Mind facilitator with Merzel.


  • Three Monday evenings starting November 30th
  • Each evening sessions runs from 7 - 8:30 PM

Begins November 30th at 7:00 pm


We offer Affordability payment levels for those who cannot manage the Regular event fee, and Supporter payment levels for those who can contribute extra to help offset the cost of our Affordability program. You can choose the appropriate level after clicking Register.