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Adam Lobel -- How to Love This World: Sadness, Wonder and Trust

Loving the full catastrophe and the many wonders of this world is a phenomenal source of joy and connection -- and it is also a deep well of grief and despair. We cannot avoid it. To fully experience this planet which is our home, these beings we encounter, and our own journey through this intricate and wondrous world is an ethics of love—one where three facets fit together:

These facets are the sadness of feeling this world. Not needing to control or constrain this world, and not needing to manipulate our own anxieties and pain, allows for openness, vulnerability, connection, relation, and joy. The second is the pure awe of participating fully in this wonder, not holding back as a separate outsider. The third is knowing that we are all in solidarity and connection and trusting that vast solidarity with ecosystems, people, animals, elements, and space itself—in all of the complexity and simplicity that surrounds each life-giving, breathing, intertwined moment. 

This afternoon of teaching is to connect with your body, heart and senses, and to connect to this actual world of beings and ecosystems. This world is a place of grief, pleasure, strangeness, terror, and laughter --  all dancing as ongoing communication.


Saturday Sept 17th, 1:30 to 4:30 pm

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This program will be led by Adam Lobel, a longtime Buddhist teacher whose wisdom, humour and insight are well known in these parts.



Begins September 17th at 1:30 pm


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