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Meditation for Opening to Earth Spirituality

Meditation for Opening to Earth Spirituality: A Half-Day of Deep Practice and Teachings

with Adam Lobel, PhD

In our half-day retreat we will explore how meditation opens to include the ecosystems in which we are embedded. Often thought of as purely about mind or psyche, meditation is also an embodied practice that plays in resonance with the calls of Earth. Such practice might become a mere distraction or escape from ecological loss and global warming. In our retreat, we will discover an earthy practice that calls us deep into being part of our planet, instead of leaving it behind. With love of the more-than-human world, our spiritual practice can open mind, heart, and body, as well as our action. Join us for the sensory pleasure of being part of our living Earth.

About Adam Lobel

Adam in one of the favourite guest teachers in Community Meditation.  People find him impactful,  down to earth and easty to connect with.

Adam Lobel, PhD, is a meditation teacher and a scholar-practitioner of philosophy and religion. Adam’s teachings focus on the intersection of contemporary thought, Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism, ecopsychology, and transformational politics. A professor of ecopsychology and Buddhist psychology, he is curious about cultural therapeutics for our metamorphosing society. He leads ecodharma workshops called “Silent Transformations,” teaches in the Ecosattva Training and is a Guiding Teacher for One Earth Sangha. A GreenFaith fellow, he is active in ecological and social justice movements. Adam served as an acharya in the Shambhala community from 2005 until resigning in 2018. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his partner and two sons where he teaches at the Falk School of Sustainability at Chatham University and resists the petrochemical buildout in his region. For more on Adam and his teachings:  


Sunday April 23rd 1:00 to 4:30 pm



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Affordability: $30, $55 CAD

Supporter: $100 CAD

Begins April 23rd at 1:00 pm


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